Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (2024)

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Here are some of my favorite, easy Triscuit recipes! I say that Triscuits are is the ‘easiest’ appetizer – but really, the easiest appetizer is probably good ‘ol chips and salsa. But sometimes a girl’s gotta get somewhat creative, and upgrade a bowl of chips to something that looks like it took a lot of effort. And whenever a girl’s gotta do that, she turns to Triscuits. This girl in question is actually me. Triscuits are my happy place.

I wish I could tell you that my favorite appetizer is some sort of complicated puff pastry concoction, but truthfully I haven’t mastered puff pastry, and puff pastry also usually makes me sick because I lack enough self control to stop at the third serving.

Anyways, puff pastry lover or not, Triscuits are my main squeeze in the appetizer department. I always follow this formula (I failed math, but I do remember f(x)… I wonder if my math teacher had turned functions into Triscuit word problems I might have passed?). Here we go:

f(triscuit) = something savory + something sweet + something crunchy

The something crunch can often be the Triscuit itself, but crushed nuts are a really great option for this. I usually reach for a bit of cheese when it comes to something savory, although salami or prosciutto are also great options.

Now for my favorite part, which I could go on like Bubba and his shrimp about, the something sweet. Strawberry jelly, blackberry jam, fig preserves, sliced watermelon, maple syrup, raw honey, dried cranberries, cherry jam, sliced figs, fresh pears… I could keep going for about 10,000 more words, but I will stop, because I want to keep a shred of my dignity in tact.

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (1)

Triscuit Recipes that Rock

Disclaimer, Triscuit is not paying me to tell you this. I wish I could squeeze some money out of that cardboard box that I love so much, but this is me just being real with you here.

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (2)

Pickled Beet Ricotta & Honey from FoodieCrush

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (3)

Strawberry Mascarpone Bruschetta from The Cookie Rookie

Cottage Cheese with Pear & Honey from Belly Full

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (5)

Goat Cheese, Strawberry & Balsamic from FoodieCrush

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (6)

Caramel Apple Bites from Cravings of a Lunatic

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (7)

Pimento Cheese with Strawberry Jam and Bacon (OMG YUM!) from Spicy Southern Kitchen

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (8)

Turkey Salad with Cranberry Relish from Martha Stewart Living

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (9)

Roasted Tomato & Goat Cheese from Martha Stewart Living

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (10)

Prosciutto& Mixed Greens from Like Mother, Like Daughter

Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (11)

Mediterranean Shrimp Bites from The Pkp Way

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  1. Thank you for great ideas, just at the weekend plan a family celebration, and some of your ideas will definitely be used if you don’t mind :-)


    1. I hope you do! Thank you so much for stopping by, enjoy the time with your family!


  2. Awesome Ideas > I love using Triscuit too in different ways .. Our Fav is 30 sec Pizza bite :D


    1. Oh yes the pizza bites! Amazing!


  3. Oh my heavens, these all sound so fabulous. I am most interested in the recipes that have a savory and sweet combination. I have always just eaten Triscuits with cheese and meat. I’m vanilla. But that will change very soon.


    1. I love the savory & sweet combos too – something a little salty with something sweet like honey or jelly… OH YUM!


  4. I don’t know why I love this so much! Probably because I love easy & I love entertaining (and I love crackers)! ;-) Clever ideas!

    ~ Alea {}


    1. Easy (and frugal!), thank you for stopping by Alea!


  5. These look really tasty! I love goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, & cherry tomatoes.


    1. Oh yum! I would normally pair that with mozzarella, using goat cheese instead sounds fantastic!


    1. They make me so hungry – such a simple way to upgrade a basic ingredient!


  6. These all sound so delicious yet simple to make, which is my kind of appetizer! I especially love the sound of the sweet and savory ones with fruit. Love how fancy they all look too!


    1. I agree – the sweet & savory combo is my favorite!


  7. Thank you for including my little bite, Chloe. Fabulous roundup! Makes me want to run out and replenish my stash :D


  8. Do you have any ideas on how to use the little broken pieces in the bottom of the box?


    1. Coat a cheese ball with the delicious salty crumbs?? Yum!! :)


Triscuit Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (2024)
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