Is Kim Mulkeys Ex-Husband Randy Robertson? Details on Their Married Life and Family (2024)

Is Kim Mulkey’s Ex-Husband Randy Robertson? Details on Their Married Life and Family

Despite being in a league of his own, Randy Robertson is well-known in the media as the ex-husband of basketball coach Kim Mulkey.

Mulkey, one of the most well-known names in basketball coaching, coached the women’s basketball team at Baylor University for a remarkable 21 seasons.

On April 25, 2021, she changed roles and became the head coach of the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team. Kim’s coaching skills are still unsurpassed and much sought after despite being one of the few females in the sports coaching industry.

In 2005, 2012, and 2019, she guided Baylor to three NCAA championships. Not to mention, Mulkey is a sports-experienced woman.

She won the gold medal at the 1983 Pan-American Games and went on to win the gold medal for the point guard in the 1984 Olympics. As a result, Kim is the only person in NCAA women’s basketball history to do so while also holding the positions of head coach and assistant coach.

Kim is a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the 2020 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame thanks to her extraordinary achievements.

Mulkey, a well-known sports figure, is still married to Randy, who has chosen to keep a low profile and avoid the media.

Nevertheless, Mulkey’s admirers are curious to learn more about the man who had had a significant impact on Mulkey’s life.

Is Kim Mulkeys Ex-Husband Randy Robertson? Details on Their Married Life and Family (1)

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Randy Robertson: Ex-Husband Of Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey’s ex-husband Randy Robertson has always been known by that name. Although the fact is true, their divorce has been final for more than fifteen years, and the truth about his identity still seems to be a mystery.

Additionally, Randy is further imprisoned by the outdated truth due to his shaky connection with the media.

He currently owns numerous profitable public relations businesses and is well known in the industry, similar to Mulkey’s notoriety in basketball.

At the height of their careers, they both take pleasure in their time as veterans. Despite being in their 60s, neither has any immediate plans to leave their jobs and take a lengthy retirement trip.

Mr. Robertson owns ROBERTSON Communications and INNOVATiON Marketing & Consulting, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Both businesses have their headquarters in Waco, Texas, and were founded twelve years apart. Since its founding in 2000, INNOVATiON has offered brand marketing services as well as other products and services.

Randy founded ROBERTSON Communications in 2012 with the help of the profitable enterprise INNOVATiON, which also focuses on market consulting.

In addition, the business is known for being the publisher of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Magazine. Randy continues to be one of the leading professionals in his business in Waco with more than 20 years of expertise.

It is now appropriate for sports fans to recognize Randy for his expertise in public relations rather than just for his failed marriage to Kim Mukley.

Why Did Randy Robertson Divorce Kim Mukley?

Randy Robertson, a well-known public relations expert in Waco, ended his marriage to Kim Mukley in tragedy.

Kim Mulkey and Randy Robertson had a wonderful marriage, but that cannot be said about the period of their separation in 2006.

The terrible part is that they still don’t have a strong relationship even fifteen years after their divorce.

When they first met in the 1980s at Louisiana Tech University, the couple clicked right away. In 1974 and 1875, Randy started at quarterback for the LSU squad.

When he first met Kim, a young point guard who stood 5 feet 4 inches tall, he was employed at the university. Despite issues with the wedding from Kim’s family, they got married in 1987.

Mulkey’s parents, mother Dru and father Leslie, were already separated when she was married, and a new argument over her stepmother permanently shattered their relationship.

The Mulkey father-daughter argument that Mrs. Mulkey wouldn’t be in the bridal party was confirmed by The Dallas Morning News in 2012. Father Leslie responded by failing to show up to the wedding, according to The Dallas Morning News in 2012.

As a result, Kim had to go down the aisle by herself, and ever since that moment, her relationship with her father has deteriorated.

Despite this, Kim and Randy rose to prominence and enjoyed a blissful marriage for nearly 20 years before it ended.

Randy informed Kim of his intention to leave their house in January 2006 when she was in the process of celebrating Kim’s 2005 NCAA championship win. Their visit to a Dallas marriage therapist was ineffective.

However, Kim was prepared to quit her flourishing coaching job at Baylor at that time in order to save her marriage. She continues to consider her divorce to be the worst experience of her life.

The official couple ultimately divorced because marriage counseling was ineffective. Kim hasn’t spoken to her ex-husband since, but they’ve been spotted getting along at family gatherings.

On the other side, Randy has a close relationship with his kids, who are still primarily pictured with Kim.

In his former family of four, Randy Robertson had two children, Kramer Robertson and Makenzie Fuller.

Randy Robertson is a content father to his two adult children from a previous marriage to Kim Mulkey.

The head coach at LSU is candid about her life as an independent woman and her early struggles with her decision to forgo having children. She admitted that having children had never crossed her mind.

Kim’s outlook on the future was rather grim when she initially discovered she was pregnant. But after Pat Summitt’s advice, she acknowledged that becoming a mother was a wonderful experience.

As a result, Kim and Randy were able to successfully start a family of four with the birth of their two kids.

Randy Robertson’s Children

Daughter McKenzie Robertson Fuller is the oldest child.

McKenzie, the eldest child of the former Robertson marriage, was born in 1991. At the time, her mother was a Baylor assistant coach entering her seventh season.

Kim understood that she could never leave her children because of McKenzie’s presence in her life. As a result, the Robertson family was at last complete.

McKenzie, the oldest, represented Baylor in both basketball and softball. Prior to being married, she first served as her mother’s assistant coach.

She is a contentedly married woman today, taking care of two children. Real estate broker Clay Fuller is her husband.

In 2011, he played wide receiver for Baylor, but now he works with McKenzie to raise their kids.

Marie Scout, the couple’s oldest daughter, also passed away shortly after birth. According to KWTX 10, the baby was missing the right side of her heart and was likely suffering from Turner’s disease.

A female born with only one X chromosome has an uncommon disorder called the syndrome, which can lead to both physical and cognitive impairments.

In addition, she was born early in mid-November 2017, but she died soon after, leaving her parents inconsolable. However, McKenzie and Clay were made aware of the baby’s health issues. As a result, they persevered in the face of hardship.

The duo is still doing its part to spread the word about Turner’s syndrome through sports. They have two children as of 2022: daughter Sage Avery, born on June 25, 2021, and son Kannon Reid, born in 2019.

McKenzie has a ton of family photos on Instagram, including some with her mother and brother. Even though she doesn’t often post about her father Randy, she still has a strong relationship with him and never forgets to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

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Randy Robertson’s Second Child

Kramer Robertson, an MLB infielder, is the second child.

Randy and Kim are pleased with Kramer’s accomplishments as a professional baseball player in MLB.

In his second season with the team, he is now a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. After his initial tenure with the Cardinals, he played for a while with the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets.

Robertson Junior was chosen by the Cardinals in the fourth round of the 2017 MLB draft, although he didn’t make his big league debut until May 10, 2022. He was then discarded by two teams before deciding to sign with the Cardinals once more.

Kramer played college baseball for the Louisiana State University LSU Tigers before becoming famous in the Major League Baseball. As seen on his Instagram, his mother, Kim, and sister frequently go to sporting events with the latter’s family.

Kramer and McKenzie are great illustrations of tight relationships between siblings because the former is also close to his brother-in-law, nephew, and niece.

Despite the fact that his divorced parents are not on good terms, he is also reputed to have a close relationship with his father.

Is Kim Mulkeys Ex-Husband Randy Robertson? Details on Their Married Life and Family (2)

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Quick Facts On Randy Robertson:

NameRandy Robertson
Agein 70s
Date of Birth1950s
SpouseKim Mulkey (divorced)
Children2 (McKenzie and Kramer)
Grandchildren3 (including the late Scout Marie)
Best Known ForQuarterback for the Louisiana Tech in 1974 and 1975


How Long Did Randy Robertson And Kim Mulkey Marriage Last?

Randy and Kim Mulkey were married from 1987 to 2006 before they divorced.

What Does Kim Mulkey Ex-Husband Do Randy Robertson For A Living?

Mulkey’s ex-husband Robertson owns two public relations companies in Waco to support his living. He is the owner of Robertson Communications and INNOVATiON Marketing & Consulting.

How May Children Did Randy Robertson Fathered From His Marriage With Kim Mulkey?

Randy and Kim are parents to two children; daughter McKenzie Fuller and son Kramer Robertson from their marriage. Despite their divorce, Randy is known to be a great father to his children.


Is Kim Mulkeys Ex-Husband Randy Robertson? Details on Their Married Life and Family (2024)
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