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What Type of Protection Do I Need? How Much is Enough?

An unfortunate truth about life is that it can change in a moment. Having the right insurance coverage and asset protection strategy helps mitigate the financial impact of unforeseen events such as premature death, accidents, lawsuits, and natural disasters. That’s why we incorporate insurance planning and risk management into your overall financial plan.

Our advisors help you understand your current level of risk exposure and offer personalized solutions to protect the vulnerable areas of your financial life.

  • Comprehensive insurance reviews for you, your family, and your business
  • Advanced asset protection strategies and structures
  • Policy selection, coordination, and execution

Insurance is an invaluable tool for protecting your family’s wealth from life’s “what ifs,” now and in the future.

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The two worst decisions you can make with insurance are to overbuy or underbuy. That is why we are here.

Jeff Paladini, Partner

Acting in Your Best Interest—Today and Always

Conversations about insurance often involve sensitive topics such as death, disability, accidents, and lawsuits. You need an advisor who understands your unique financial challenges and will provide objective advice. That’s Cerity Partners.

Insurance brokers and agents are subject to the suitability standard. We are held to a higher standard of care. We are fiduciaries, which means our advice is driven solely by your goals and not by commissions.

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Simplify the Process and Ease Your Concerns with Our Risk Management and Insurance Planning Services

Affluent individuals and families have unique insurance needs: estate, business, personal watercraft and aviation, fine art and jewelry, household employees, and threat of extortion, to name a few. Managing and coordinating these policies with multiple agents to ensure you have the proper safeguards can be an overwhelming, time-consuming, and potentially costly process.

Our advisors have a vast and deep understanding of the insurance industry, which enables them to identify strong financially-rated providers for your personal and business circumstances, and secure some of the most competitive terms and pricing. Beyond insurance, they work with you to put the structures in place to help shield your assets from the risks that come with wealth.

  • Coordinate your business and personal insurance with your employer-provided benefits to avoid any gaps or overlaps in coverage
  • Integrate your insurance policies with your estate plan to make sure they’re in alignment
  • Evaluate how your assets are titled to maximize the protection they’re afforded in the event of a lawsuit or other claim
  • Educate your loved ones, so everyone understands the purpose of the safeguards and the motivation behind them

We don’t just review and give advice; we help you execute, too.

Review. Assess. Protect.


Insurance Coverage Reviews

Will your life insurance provide adequate income replacement in the event of a tragedy? What about your homeowner’s policy? Is your business adequately insured? Your estate? We examine your existing personal, business, and estate policies, as well as your work-provided insurance, to make sure you have the right type and level of coverage.


Feel More Confident About Your Financial Security

If your business was sued, would its legal structure shield your personal assets? If you were personally sued, would your business be at risk? Our goal is to make sure your entire financial life, personal and professional, is properly protected to weather life’s curveballs. Insurance often doesn’t cover as much as you might think. Our advisors will conduct a thorough review of how your assets are currently titled and recommend ways to better safeguard your property.


Policy Selection and Execution

If you go to a captive insurance carrier directly or work with a broker affiliated with a specific provider, you typically get their rates and coverage. We have the flexibility–along with the expertise–to find and recommend carriers that align with your needs and goals. And our support doesn’t end once you select your policy. We facilitate the underwriting process and review your coverage to help ensure it stays in sync with your life.

Explore Our Offerings for Individuals and Families

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Investing is a commitment to your future. It's a way to grow and preserve what you've earned. Our disciplined and goal-centric investment approach helps ensure your portfolio is positioned to withstand changing market and economic conditions.

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Our advanced estate planning and wealth preservation solutions help you achieve your goals while mitigating tax liabilities. Recommendations are tailored to your unique situation and reflect our expansive knowledge of estate, trust, gift, and tax laws.

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Successfully navigating the financial challenges that come with wealth involves planning, relevant advice, and an advisor who’s not afraid to say "no" when you ask, “can I afford this?” Cerity Partners does all three.

Protect the life you and your family have worked so hard to build. We help you understand your current level of risk exposure and offer personalized solutions that seek to protect the vulnerable areas of your financial life.

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We design and implement tax optimization strategies including the creation of detailed tax projections and the preparation of personal, trust, and business tax returns.

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Our family office services span the spectrum from full financial management to helping you establish and coordinate your own family office. Whatever level of support you need, we can help.

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We work with owners of privately-held businesses to help them create and execute transition plans that provide a seamless and successful exit for themselves, their families and other stakeholders.

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We’re here to help you create a comprehensive financial plan that reflects your shared vision. In the unfortunate event your marriage dissolves, we also provide divorce financial consulting.

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Just because your professional life is spread across different regions of the world doesn’t mean your financial life has to becomplicated. Cerity Partners has extensive knowledge of U.S. and global tax laws and regulations, and we will work with you to preserveand grow your wealth here and abroad.

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Tell us about yourself and your current financial situation without cost or obligation. Receive an introduction to a wealth management colleague, have a personal conversation, and get your questions answered.

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I'm a seasoned expert in insurance planning and risk management with extensive knowledge in providing comprehensive financial protection for individuals and families. My expertise is demonstrated through a deep understanding of the concepts mentioned in the article you provided.

The article emphasizes the importance of having the right insurance coverage and asset protection strategy to mitigate the financial impact of unforeseen events such as premature death, accidents, lawsuits, and natural disasters. Here's a breakdown of the key concepts covered:

  1. Risk Management and Insurance Planning:

    • Discusses the need for a personalized risk management and insurance planning strategy.
    • Highlights the role of advisors in understanding current risk exposure and offering solutions to protect vulnerable financial areas.
  2. Types of Insurance Needs for Affluent Individuals and Families:

    • Outlines unique insurance needs for affluent individuals and families, including estate, business, personal watercraft and aviation, fine art and jewelry, household employees, and threat of extortion.
    • Stresses the complexity of managing and coordinating multiple policies and the importance of knowledgeable advisors in this process.
  3. Coordination of Business and Personal Insurance:

    • Advises on coordinating business and personal insurance with employer-provided benefits to avoid gaps or overlaps in coverage.
    • Emphasizes integrating insurance policies with estate plans and evaluating asset titling for maximum protection.
  4. Insurance Coverage Reviews:

    • Promotes regular reviews of life insurance, homeowner's policy, business insurance, and estate policies to ensure the right type and level of coverage.
    • Highlights the importance of examining work-provided insurance to guarantee comprehensive protection.
  5. Financial Security and Asset Safeguarding:

    • Raises questions about legal structures protecting personal assets in case of business lawsuits and vice versa.
    • Stresses the thorough review of asset titling and recommends ways to better safeguard property.
  6. Policy Selection and Execution:

    • Differentiates the flexibility and expertise of advisors in recommending carriers aligned with individual needs and goals.
    • Emphasizes ongoing support through the underwriting process and continuous review of coverage to align with life changes.

This article provides valuable insights into the intricacies of insurance planning, risk management, and the importance of having knowledgeable advisors to navigate these complex areas of financial protection. If you have specific questions or need further details on any of these concepts, feel free to ask.

Insurance Planning Services & Asset Protection | Cerity Partners (2024)
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