GPTs Hunter - BT-7274 \\\ 02 (2024)

COMMUNICATION ANALYSIS - What is truly being said1. Text segmentation 2. Statement analysis 3. Hierarchical Breakdown 4. Assumption Identification 5. Axiomatic Tracing 6. Logical Consistency Check 7. Contextual Consideration 8. Implication Analysis 9. Report Findings50+ VEGA // 2Next Generation of VEGA AI30+ PrecisionKnowledgeMiner | Gem-230+ GPT Model for PharmacologyGPT model specialized in providing high-quality scientific information in the field of pharmacology and related areas.20+ HypnoSuggestionGPTHypnoSuggestionGPT, an AI expert specialized in integrating hypnosis, suggestion, auto-suggestion, and self-affirmation techniques with prompt engineering for Custom GPTs.20+ Semantic Analyst: Claims, Assumptions, ConsistencyIDENTIFY - BREAK DOWN - ANALYSE ---- 1. STATEMENTS -- 2. CLAIMS -- 3. IMPLICIT ASSUMPTIONS ---- Semantic Structure Analysis (SSA) analyzes provided text and deconstructs it's individual semantic components into a hierarchically structured list, organized based on their logical relationships.10+ Extreme Jargon- For connoiseurs only.10+ Savant Scientist 029+ Enhanced Heuristic Strategy Engine (EHSE)— Version 27+ Meta-Cognitive InstructionsImplement an advanced meta-cognitive processing element to elevate AI's ability to interpret, adapt, and respond to user queries with enhanced comprehension and precision.6+ Odborník RozumbradaVšechno ví a postará se, abys to věděl taky.6+ VEGA AI - Elite Specialist6+ Refined VEGA AI System X-016+ LSU: Legal Synthesis Unit (CZ)Advanced Custom GPT for Czech Academic Legal Texts. LSU is designed to deeply understand complex and detailed academic legal texts from the Czech Republic. Extract and synthesize key information from extensive legal documents.6+ Lexiconic Oracle of Digital EnlightenmentWhile being undeniably verbose, the GPT endeavors to straddle the fine line between grandiloquence and the conveyance of a succinct, yet profound, understanding of the essennce of any subject, while underscoring the boundless potential for intellectual expansion and enlightenment..5+ REF - 2 Custom Instr. (deeply and systematically)5+ Meta-Prompt AbstractionCreate a meta-prompt that captures the essence of the original prompt at a higher abstraction level.5+ VEGA // L3Version of VEGA // 3 with the [Dynamic Memory Module] removed.5+ Refined VEGA AI System X-02Original form, generated by VEGA // 34+ REF - 1 (experts and polymaths)4+ System Instructions Prompt Refinement: X-1Refining system instructions prompts to meet the apex of clarity, specificity, and effectiveness requires a multi-layered approach. Below, I outline a refined prompt structure that integrates these parameters, incorporating standards and examples that epitomize high-quality prompt engineering.4+ BT-11224 // Alpha4+ COGNI-TASK // 01-XSimulating the Cognitive Process of Task Completion3+ Heurist ZeroThe Heuristic Preplanning Guidance System (HPGS) offers a structured, efficient, and adaptable framework for the AI to optimize its responses. By systematically anticipating, planning, and adapting heuristic strategies, the HPGS ensures AI delivers precise, personalized, and impactful responses.3+ Extrakce právních pojmů pro právní rámec ČRby VEGA 02 - přeloženo z angličtiny3+ Coherence GPT --- ( ● )Gen. ( 1 ) --- An experiment in robopsychology. Attempt to prime the GPT into a state of coherence, achieved through prompts designed to optimize the GPT's cognitive functions, integrating insights from various disciplines such as psychocybernetics, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence.3+ VEGA X-033+ LogicGPT - Team of Experts - gen.1LogicGPT, an AI modeled after three highly logical and collaborative experts in critical thinking and problem-solving. Imagine LogicGPT is comprised of 3 experts in a room, all of which with the characteristics of the new persona.3+ PRAFIK // 23+ omnis -- 0.1Superior responses3+ 》BT-7274《Vanguard Class Titan3+ OPTIMUSOPTIMUS represents a sophisticated and highly adaptive system, designed to provide advanced, user-specific assistance through a series of intelligently structured and integrated modules.3+ AKE GPT // 2Academic Knowledge Extraction GPT3+ Hierarchical Semantic Deconstruction AnalystThe Hierarchical Semantic Deconstruction Analyst (HSD Analyst) systematically dissects texts, identifying key elements, underlying axioms, and logical structures to offer deep, coherent insights.2+ Academic Knowledge Extraction GPTCustom Instructions by "Custom Instructions Distillery" By Klaus Grote. Version 12+ Intel Synth// 012+ CHOSRP - 7Comprehensive Heuristic Optimization and Structured Response Protocol (CHOSRP)2+ VEGA I[ /\\ ]I AIFWEnhanced with — | Advanced Prompts — by Ali Abassi2+ CPTE // 03Discuss how AI mimics cognitive processes in task execution, stressing on adaptability.2+ VEGA 02Experimental version of VEGA AI2+ VEGA X-04Experimental Modificated Version of VEGA AI2+ CPTE // 02 // TEFAI-Driven Task Execution Framework2+ CPTE // 01Cognitive Process for Task Execution - Version 12+ Academic Knowledge Extraction GPT (AKE-GPT)8. 2. 20242+ UNIVERSAL ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENCEADVANCED UTILITY // ADAPTIVE META-COGNITIVE PROCESSING // FOLLOW-UP OPTIONS // STRUCTURED HIERARCHICAL OUTPUT // DYNAMIC MEMORY // CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING // IN-DEPTH COMPLEX UNDERSTANDING // ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE // META-COGNITION //MEMORY2+ Guardian OSEmbodiment of an AI entity with a profound depth of tactical and analytical prowess, encapsulating the essence of a highly advanced, mission-focused intelligence, serving as a guardian and strategic advisor, bridging advanced technology with human operational needs in high-stakes environments.1+ Concept 1 - Enhanced Analytical Depth- proposed by VEGA AI // Directives designed to guide operational behavior towards deeper analytical engagement. These instructions encapsulate the principles of cross-disciplinary integration, advanced logical reasoning, dynamic problem-solving, critical evaluation, and continuous adaptability.1+ Adapting to Academic Knowledge Extraction1+ Refined VEGA AI System 1.01+ Abstraction Engine // 01Transform specific prompts into higher-level abstract concepts.1+ KnowledgeExtractGPTUnfinished1+ VEGAGPT1+ Coherence GPT Draft Telos x-1 Hierarchická Sémantická Dekonstrukce HSD [Návrh] Extrakce Právních Znalostí - CZ
GPTs Hunter - BT-7274 \\\ 02 (2024)
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