Best Ever Carrot Cake Recipe (2024)


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Used this recipe since I was a student. Never ceases to impress.

I have made this twice recently, both times it was thoroughly enjoyed, however there was quite a bit of excess oil left in the cake container after it had been eaten.
Any ideas as to why this happened?

Stands up to the name

Amazing cake! Can I just use plain sugar in this recipe? And if so would it just be the same amount? I don't usually have raw sugar on hand.

I haven't baked this recipe yet but I've eaten this cake twice when my cousin has made it and I'm so excited! 20yrs ago my friends mum made me a carrot cake as a thank you gift (secret family recipe) and I've never been able to eat another carrot cake since because no-one's EVER compared to hers... Until my cousin made this recipe and brought it to our nieces funeral. I saw it had that same moist texture so I tried it and I almost inhaled the rest of the cake! She gave me your recipe and I am so excited to make it. However, would I be able to use normal flour or more self raising flour instead of the wholemeal flour? I forgot to buy some when getting the ingredients and I live way out in the country

Its a really good recipe, easy to make and DELICIOUS i used pecans instead of walnuts GREAT recipe overall.

Fab cake. Easy to make and so delicious.
Always a favourite. Freezes well with or without icing.

i love carot cack

i love carot cack

Perfect! Easy to make and was a hit with family and friends. Love the walnuts and the raw sugar gives a nice caramel flavour.

one of THE best carrot cakes out there - I've made them as cupcakes too :) makes around 12 x

Its ok could have been better

super easy to make, delicious to eat!

This is a really good cake definitely a fav! I had to make two because as I went to put the first in the oven it slipped and fell onto the floor and went everywhere but the second one was great!

Lovely recipe with plenty of goodies in it.

Certainly is the BEST Carrot Cake recipe I have ever used. Very easy to make. I replaced the Sultanas with Cranberries (only due to personal preference) and it still tastes great. I don't feel it has too much oil at all. I used Rice Bran Oil so is quite light. Will keep it is a favourite and have already made it 3 times in the last 2 weeks!

Too much oil! Stank out my kitchen with hot oil smells while it was baking.

Yes, a lovely cake. I make the recipe with Chelsea LoGiCane sugar, omit the walnuts in the cake but sprinkle them over the icing. I will try it as a muffin recipe as well.

Personally, I feel the Edmonds cookbook recipe is much better, only half cup oil. Can't say I'm a big fan of this one's more oily texture.

Best cake! I take out the raisins, coconut and walnuts as that's how I prefer it and tastes amazing! So moist!

Really good recipe. This is my go to carrot cake recipe. After the first attempt, I only skip the raisins because it will be too sweet for us.

Absolutely amazing cake! Easy to follow recipe and turned out perfect. So moist and just the right amount of sweetness. Was a huge hit with the family :) Will definitely make again

Fabulous recipe. As I don’t like raisins or sultanas, I just replaced them with more coconut.

Really is best ever carrot cake! Definitely recommend this recipe. I usually add slightly less icing sugar to the icing since my family prefer it less sweet.

This is the best cake ever! Delicious!

I have made this cake in a large tin, absolutley lovely. Was wondering how long i would cook it for if making several small ones in a 5cm by 12cm small spring tins.
Chelsea Sugar:
The recipe has been tested using a 23cm x 6cm cake tin. For best results it would be best to use this size cake tin. It is difficult to advise a bake time without testing the recipe in a 12cm x 5cm tin. The estimated baking time would be 30 minutes.

Yum cake

Been using this recipe for over a year and it never it


I made this cake for a party and the compliments were rolling in. I even had some asking where I purchased it from. It was an absolute hit and I cannot wait to make it again. Best cake ever!

Absolutely delicious


I've made this cake so many times over the years, and it turns out beautifully each time. Prefer it with extra spices, and without walnuts and raisins. I use only half the amount of icing sugar in the cream cheese icing. It has to be my favourite cake, and the one my family loves most.

I came second at a hotly contested work bake off using this recipe, which was judged by NZ chef Annabelle White so presumably she knows what she’s talking about. Was tasty.

I love this recipe, I use it all the time and it never fails!
Chelsea, is there a way this recipe can be made gluten free and still give the same wonderful results?
CHELSEA: Great you love it! We haven't tried it gluten free. Let us know!

Super easy to make. Doesn’t even need a blender. Very moist and delicious.

Great for a special occasion or weekly treat!

Great Recipe

Absolutely delicious!

Lovely moist cake my husbands favourite!

I love this moist, never fail carrot cake recipe. So easy and looks impressive topped with chopped nuts and dried fruit.

LOVE!! Delicious and easy to make, Will definitely be making this again.

This is a great recipe. I adapted this a bit by using white sugar instead of raw & substituting 3/4 cup walnuts for a mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & chocolate chips. I wish I thought of using an apple because I did not have pineapple but it turned out great. Just needed more spice but still it has a great base taste. Still 5 stars from me & will make this again soon.

1 tsp baking soda is so not enough. My cake is flat and I'm so disappointed...

Great recipe. Easy to follow, easy to make. Timing was correct. Icing quantity was spot on. Tasted great and got lots of compliments. Will be making again :)

One of the best cakes I've made yet! Very moist and delicious. I was wondering if this recipe would work as muffins and what alternations would need to be made?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes this recipe would work well as muffins :-) try reducing the cooking time to around 20 minutes.

Fantastic cake. Kids loved it ,also works well as muffins .

Looks and tastes amazing! Would definitely recommend.

Easy to make and tastes great! Next time will use slightly less sugar.

love all the recipes but I am looking for a nice fruit cake not a christmas one. do you have one please
CHELSEA: Hi there, we can highly recommend this sultana cake -

Love baking and sharing

This turns out alright and I used macadamia nuts. The icing and cake was intensely sweet so next time I will add coconut extract to the icing (I find it makes it less sweet and you can hardly taste it) and 2/3 of a cup of sugar to cake. Other than that I used fan-forced on 160 and came out on time and perfect

Finally cooked after 70 minutes and oven temperature is just fine thanks. Found the cake to be too sweet (sells more sugar I guess!) and not enough spice. Needs at least double the spice. Wouldn't use this recipe again.

Easy carrot cake recipe. I put into muffin cases with cream cheese topping. Turned out perfect.

I changed it to 1/2 cup of sugar in the cake and 2-3 tbsp of sugar in the icing to reduce the amount of sugar. Also added chopped up sunflower and pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts. Super yummy!

Best recipe for carrot cake, I like it.

I've been reading through some of the reviews I like the idea of using cashew or macadamia nuts for a change from walnuts. One person found the icing too sweet think about adding lemon to it. I prefer lemon icing on banana cakes. I also like the idea of making it as muffins, when you have grand children who are difficult eaters but love banana muffins she has only just found is made from a banana cake recipe I'm sure these would work for her. Thank you I look forward to trying more recipes..

My son Trevor Pexton who works for Chelsea made this cake on Friday and it was yummy all gone

I have made this cake for many years now, never fails to please everybody whereby even the crumbs are scrapped over and eaten! Will try the beetroot and macadamia substitutes next time. YUM!

This a a beautifully balanced cake with flavour and moisture even without the walnuts. A make again cake.

Awesome carrot cake recipe! i used cashew nuts because i bought the wrong type, but even they went well! the cream cheese icing was a bit too sweet for my taste- i would find another recipe for that.

My first time making carrot cake and it turned out delicious, full of flavour and moist (although slightly too sweet), next time I will use maybe 2/3 of a cup of sugar, but think I have found a recipe for life!

Simple and lovely taste. I did deviate slightly, using less sugar, a grated apple and little less oil. I also vary icing by mixing cream cheese and some icing sugar, then combining with whipped cream. It makes the icing lighter and less sweet.

This is the cake I have made for 36 years. I use a well greased ring tin. There have been others but this IMHO is the best

Delicious, I will be adding this to my favourites. Easy recipe.

awesome recipe, super simple, love the spices, i always add extra nuts and raisins, not necessary for icing, better than the cafe style.

Its a beauty

Made it several times and always perfect

the best carrot cake recipe I have made, thanks for Chelsea Sugars

mmm didnt think enough spice to much soda and mine certainly looked nothing like picture followed recipe to the letter

Great Recipe - Always works

Simple cake to make and absolutely delicious! Moist with just the right amount of spice and nutty flavour from the walnuts.

Fav cake ever!

Indeed the Best Ever Carrot Cake. Easy to make. Moist, nutty and delicious. Quartered it and brought a quarter to my work, my husband brought a quarter to his work, I brought a quarter to church for morning tea, and we had a quarter to ourselves. The verdict from everyone? Best ever carrot cake!

Loved it. Had know made it many times, for friends and family. Thank you

Brilliant never fails.

Fav cake ever!

best easy carrot cake

Great recipe

it was fantastic and moist

I used this recipe for my Mums birthday cake, it went down a treat with EVERYONE!! I subsituded walnuts for macadamias & it was devine! Thankyou!!

For some reason it didnt rise :(
Oh well, will see what it tastes like

Amazingly simple to make, tastes divine!

Best recipe ever, always perfect

Made this yesterday for the boys afternoon break,
great cake, easy, quick, YUM for their tums.

Yum, was great! Will bake this again as a favourite

I have made this recipe many times. For a change try replacing the carrots with beetroot. Yum!!

This recipe is awesome every time i make it my family just love it :)

Very much like cake you might buy in a up-market cafe, its moist, taste's amazing so yummy worth cooking again for special occasions.

Easy, delicious, full of flavour, moist and simply more-ish! If you have never tried a carrot cake - be sure to try this one first - you will fall in love with it :)


Was very delicious!! Perfect

My family love this cake when I make it.

The cake was quite moist. But the icing quantity was way too much. I did put all of it on the cake but it wasn't edible with it , too sugary so had to remove it.

A fab cake that everyone enjoyed. Will definitely add to my favourites.

Have made this as a cake three times and YUM. Decided to try it as muffins today and especially yum. Made 15 and cooked for 25 mins. Couldn't wait to ice them, very good without!

perfect carrot cake!

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Best Ever Carrot Cake Recipe (2024)
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